About Us

Monkey Pod Games offers a wide variety of quality wooden brain teasers. We have developed, designed and manufactured hundreds of brain-teaser models and educational puzzles which we sell worldwide. Our games are educational and fun. We offer a complete range of quality wooden puzzles and complex brain-teasers which offer children the opportunity to apply their talents and develop mathematical awareness as well as logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills.

Monkey Pod Games is named after the Monkey Pod tree, which is the wood from which the puzzles are made. The Monkey Pod tree is found in northern Thailand and around the Pacific. It is ideal for wooden puzzles because it can be cut to very precise dimensions.

We appreciate you taking time to look around and find out more about who we are. At Monkey Pod Games, we strive to create the best shopping experience you can have while shopping online. Our website has been created to give you clear photos of our puzzles with descriptions that give you a clear idea of what you are looking at.

The puzzles you will see are all handmade by us. For each person there is a puzzle and for each puzzle there is a story. Many of our puzzles have interesting fables that go with them that bring about a magical feeling when handling them. Other puzzles have interesting stories behind them, some designed and created by the top mathematicians of our time.

Our belief as explained before is that for each puzzle there is a person. We have worked hard to create a highly diverse inventory so we can provide for all sorts of people. We have created puzzles for school children to improve their math abilities, puzzles that help children improve their social interaction, puzzles that help the elderly keep their brain fit against such diseases as dementia, and of course games that will bring entertaining and challenging fun for all ages. Since our inception we have sold and donated our wonderful puzzles to schools, hospitals, and even film festivals!

The driving force behind Monkey Pod Games is our love for puzzles and brain teasers. But more importantly, it is our love for bringing joy to our customers and our desire to connect to them in a meaningful way. That is why we have created our own Monkey Pod Games community. Our love for wooden puzzles goes beyond our main website. We also run a blog which we update on a regular basis which deals with relevant topics to today’s world and fun subjects to discover, ponder and discuss. Our blog is not about marketing but rather about sharing how we merge wooden puzzles into day to day living but also popular culture. In addition to our blog, we have created a Facebook Fan Page which has allowed different members of our community to come together to share their love of puzzles. Our fan page is a place to meet others who also stay up late at night struggling with a brain teaser or to ask advice on what strategy should be used for a certain family game. On our fan page expect to find polls, questions, and of course awesome prizes and contests.

We pride ourselves on being accessible and always available to help. That is why we will work hard to get back to you quickly for any customer support you may need or just to discuss the subject of puzzles on our fan page. We look forward to doing business with you and getting to know you through our social network that we have set up. And of course we always welcome suggestions and comments because our community would be nothing without you.


The Monkey Pod Games Team

Scarsdale, NY